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Can we learn more by doing less?

Hey, Kenyon from Bebop Boot Camp here. Hope you had a great weekend!

As my awesome dog Maggie and I were out for our walk in the park this morning I found myself thinking about the week to come and making plans…

When I came to practice plans for the week I started thinking about how much my practice time has changed over the years.

For me it used to be all about sheer numbers of hours. I was trying to get to 10,000! Unfortunately that approach was far from efficient…

The longer I keep working at this music, the more I value focused and efficient practice time.

Lately I’ve been focusing on a rotating list of three areas of focus and really enjoying my results…

Here’s my list for […]

Does your pinky need a power up?

Hey! Kenyon Carter from Bebop Boot Camp here.

Yesterday I came across a really cool pinky exercise while doing my E6 Bebop Boot Camp workout and wanted to share it with you.

One of my favorite things about Bebop Boot Camp is how it gets me to explore parts of the horn that I might be tempted to avoid otherwise. This is definitely an example of that!

We start on the major 7th (D#) then surround the 6th (C#) with a chromatic passing tone (C) before landing on and then arpeggiating up from the 5th (B). The arpeggio from the 5th leads us nicely to the 3rd (G#) where a broken arpeggio begins and leads us back to the root (E).

Here’s what the exercise looks like:

This one […]

We did it!

We did it!
Thanks to your support, Songs for My Father is at the top of iTune’s Top Jazz Albums chart on it’s very first day of availability! Thanks so much for all you did to make this dream tribute to Dad come true!
If you didn’t have a chance to pre-order, you can purchase on iTunes today and it will still count toward our opening day sales at

Radio Interview Today!

Looking forward to chatting with Cres O’Neal in just a few minutes (1:15-2:15) about the new record! If you’re near the phone, call in and say hi! 347-677-0653

Here’s the show link:

What a fantastic night!

What a fantastic night! Thanks to everyone who made the CD release party such a special event. I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I could almost feel you there, Kent Carter. Thank you Tyrone Jackson, Tim Aucoin, and John David for your tremendous musicianship AND friendship!

Meet the band – Christine Carter

Meet my wife, Christine Frigo Carter – Chris is my rock and my biggest (and certainly cutest) fan. She and our family and friends have been such a great source of support to me – especially over the past year. She is also the salesperson in the family – so if you are looking to purchase the album (especially in bulk) – let her know. She will be at both shows on August 23rd and hopes to see you there. Chris – which track is your favorite?

Get your CD release show tickets:
Get the album:

Meet the band – Ric Stepp

Meet Ric Stepp – album art. Without much direction and with only one run through of the tracks – Ric blew us away with his work on this album design. He captured the look and feel that we wanted and exceeded our expectations. The album cover looked great on the top 10 iTunes charts. Ric – what inspires you to do the work that you do?

Meet the band – Jeff Keesee and Shawn Whitman

Meet Jeffrey Keesee and Shawn Whitman – photography. Every time we need a photo – we call Jeff and Shawn. They did great work for us on this album even coming to the studio to capture the band at work. Jeff and Shawn also took our wedding photos. Jeff and Shawn – how can people contact you if they need great photos?

Meet the band – Trammell Starks

Meet Trammell Starks – production / mixing. Trammell and I have worked together on both albums (and we’re currently working on the next one). In addition to having a great ear and fantastic temperment, he is a fantastic teacher. I learn so much from him every time we are in the studio!

Meet the band – John David

Meet John David- drums / percussion. John David and I have been playing music together for the past decade. He’s from Cairo, GA and was an “in demand” player on the Miami music scene playing with some of the biggest names in jazz including Arturo Sanduval and many others. In addition to being a great drummer, John is “my brother from another mother” and played on my 1st CD, “Right By My Side.”

Meet the band – Tim Aucoin

Meet Tim Aucoin- acoustic / electric bass. Tim is a New Orleans native and
one of the hardest swinging cats you’ll ever hear. WAY before we started playing together, Tim was the GAJE jazz workshop clinician for the band I was in during my senior year of high school. You’re going to love his beautiful solos on “Sweet Hour of Prayer” and “To God be the Glory” not to mention the swinging foundation he lays down on ALL the tunes! The band rehearsed at Tim’s place before going into the studio and he only charged me a six pack for each rehearsal day.  Tim – did you finish those beers yet?

Meet the band – Tyrone Jacskon

Meet Tyrone Jackson- keyboards / piano. Tyrone truly is one of “the greats” and is one of Atlanta’s most sought after pianists. He wrote the super hip arrangement on The Old Rugged (instant download when you preorder) and co-arranged half of other tunes on the album. It was such a great pleasure to work with Tyrone on this project.

Meet the band – Billy Wilkie

Meet Billy Wilkie- acoustic / electric guitar. Billy has the uncanny ability to make EVERYTHING he plays “just feel good” – check out his bluesy solos on “He Lives” and “Sweet Hour of Prayer” to see what I mean… We have been playing gigs together for years and I’m so happy to have him on this project. Billy’s “unique” sense of humor kept us cracking up throughout the sessions too!

Songs for My Father Available for Pre-Order Today!

What a year it has been!
Most of you know that I lost my father, Kent Carter, to cancer last year. After a few months of mourning – I was inspired to write an album dedicated to him. With that idea in mind, I compiled some of his most favorite gospel hymns and arranged them with a jazz vibe. When we played the program live in my hometown back in October 2013 and received such a positive response, we immediately got in the studio to record this music. The result of this effort is the new album – Songs for My Father. I’m excited to announce the release is just four weeks from today! Here’s a short preview video. (
I am reaching out to you […]

KCC @ Steve’s Live Music – Sunday April 6!

Hi everyone,
I’m excited to announce that the band and I will be performing at the fantastic new Sandy Springs venue, “Steve’s Live Music!” This unique venue, opened in June 2012, offers an intimate listening room that showcases local and national songwriters, and musicians.
We’re looking forward to playing lots of the new tunes from BOTH of the CDs we’re working on this year! We’ll also be throwing in some of our (and your) favorites from artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates, and a few surprises… You’ll want to go ahead and book your tickets NOW to ensure that you get a great seat to hear this smokin’ band.
You’ll hear Tyrone Jackson on keyboards, Billy Wilkie on Guitar, Tim Aucoin on bass, and […]