Corporate Events

A professional commitment to customer satisfaction… Whether you are based in Atlanta or if you are visiting the Atlanta area for an upcoming convention or trade show, Atlanta-based Kenyon Carter Connection is available to perform for meetings, conventions and events in (and around) the Atlanta area. Kenyon Carter and his group – Kenyon Carter Connection – have a passion for music, a professional commitment to customer satisfaction and a sound that will ensure your event is a successful one. For availability and rates, please contact 404-668-8843 or email

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The perfect group for your wedding reception… If you are looking for the perfect live band for your wedding day, the Kenyon Carter Connection is the Atlanta group for you! Kenyon Carter Connection is available for all types of wedding receptions. The group can be customized from a jazz duo to a big band – and anything in-between. We specialize in smaller wedding receptions (from 50 – 100 people) that are held in either a home or smaller venues. Our specialty is a jazz trio providing the background music and ambiance of a high-class intimate wedding reception without taking over the scene. You and your guests will enjoy the delightful sounds of jazz complimenting the wedding reception conversation but also allowing for some slow dancing that every couple enjoys at a wedding. Are you like most people – know what music you like but not sure which songs are which by name? Download this partial songlist to help you understand your musical needs. We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your special day. For availability and rates, please contact 404-668-8843 or email

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Arrangements and Transcriptions

Customized work… Whether you’re a professional musician looking for someone who can create a written volume of your music or a student who needs a classic jazz transcription, Kenyon can help. Kenyon is known for his meticulous transcriptions of everything from jazz solos to full arrangements of radio hits for professional performing groups.

Kenyon is also an accomplished composer & arranger. He has written numerous award-winning shows, providing high school and colleges with charts that are accessible, educational and entertaining. If you have an upcoming show and need music that both educates and inspires, Kenyon can provide you with exceptional, quality charts for any age or developmental level. For more information, please contact 404-668-8843 or email

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Jazz Clinics

Engaging, Encouraging… As one of the most respected jazz educators on the scene today, Kenyon is in popular demand as a jazz clinician. Whether conducting a jazz honor band, presenting a “jazz for young people” program, or helping a band director put the finishing touches on a concert program, Kenyon is known for engaging students in a way that both entertains and educates. For availability and rates, please contact 404-668-8843 or email Information

Online Lessons

With today’s technologies – it has never been easier to learn and communicate across great distances.

Sessions are available on a first come / first served basis. For availability and rates, please contact 404-668-8843 or email *Introductory pricing rates are available for a limited time.

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Clubs and Restaurants

Wanting to keep up with the local bars and restaurants offering live music – book the Kenyon Carter Connection as the perfect addition to your martini night or Sunday brunch…. smooth! Kenyon Carter Connection is able to customize the group to meet your restaurant and customer needs. Kenyon Carter Connection can create made-to-order performances that can headline and entertain or provide background music while your guests enjoy all your establishment has to offer. For availability and rates, please contact 404-668-8843 or email Information