Hey, Kenyon from Bebop Boot Camp here. Hope you had a great weekend!

As my awesome dog Maggie and I were out for our walk in the park this morning I found myself thinking about the week to come and making plans…

When I came to practice plans for the week I started thinking about how much my practice time has changed over the years.

For me it used to be all about sheer numbers of hours. I was trying to get to 10,000! Unfortunately that approach was far from efficient…

The longer I keep working at this music, the more I value focused and efficient practice time.

Lately I’ve been focusing on a rotating list of three areas of focus and really enjoying my results…

Here’s my list for the week:

FOCUS 1 = Tone (DAILY long tones through all dynamic ranges and overtone exercises)

FOCUS 2 = Technique / Vocabulary (DAILY Bebop Boot Camp ’work out’ in the key of the day)

FOCUS 3 = Tunes (reviewing a handful of standards and learning “When I grow Too Old to Dream” from Jimmy Smith’s ‘Back at the Chicken Shack’ album)

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Have a great week!

– Kenyon