Hey! Kenyon Carter from Bebop Boot Camp here.

Yesterday I came across a really cool pinky exercise while doing my E6 Bebop Boot Camp workout and wanted to share it with you.

One of my favorite things about Bebop Boot Camp is how it gets me to explore parts of the horn that I might be tempted to avoid otherwise. This is definitely an example of that!

We start on the major 7th (D#) then surround the 6th (C#) with a chromatic passing tone (C) before landing on and then arpeggiating up from the 5th (B). The arpeggio from the 5th leads us nicely to the 3rd (G#) where a broken arpeggio begins and leads us back to the root (E).

Here’s what the exercise looks like:

This one took lots of repetitions to get it under my fingers… I definitely recommend going slow and focusing on precision!

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Happy shedding!

– Kenyon